© emergenCITY
© emergenCITY

New Research in the Field of Entrepreneurship: The Ambivalence of Empathy

Is empathy uniformly a good thing for entrepreneurs? The emergenCITY publication in the renowned Journal...

Feb 5, 2024 Research Publications
© Lea Holaus für emergenCITY
© Lea Holaus für emergenCITY

Third Open Lab Day “Resilience Meets Innovation” at emergenCITY

emergenCITY is bursting of new digital ideas - and as in previous years, the 2024...

Feb 2, 2024 Events
© emergenCITY
© emergenCITY

New emergenCITY PIs in Kassel and Marburg

Oliver Hohlfeld and Thorsten Papenbrock join the emergenCITY team for next phase

Jan 23, 2024 News
© Olga Saukh
© Olga Saukh

Distinguished Lecture with Prof. Olga Saukh

emergenCITY and SFB MAKI cordially invite you to the Distinguished Lecture with Professor Olga Saukh...

Jan 12, 2024 Events
© Falko Dressler
© Falko Dressler

Distinguished Lecture with Prof. Falko Dressler

We start the new year again with exciting Distinguished Lectures. On 09.02.2024 at 11:40 we...

Jan 8, 2024 Events
© Phoebe Chen
© Phoebe Chen

Distinguished Lecture with Prof. Phoebe Chen

We invite you to the Distinguished Lecture with Professor Phoebe Chen from La Trobe University...

Jan 8, 2024 Events
© Gerd Keim
© Gerd Keim

Media coverage of the cooperation agreement with Ströer for the advertising pillar 4.0

Everyone knows them as part of the cityscape: the advertising pillar. Around 25,000 of them...

Jan 4, 2024 Media
© @emergenCITY
© @emergenCITY

Save the Date: emergenCITY Week 2024

The emergenCITY Week will take place from June 10-14, 2024 in Darmstadt. During the week...

Dec 21, 2023 Events
© @emergenCITY
© @emergenCITY

Save the Date: emergenCITY Open Lab Day 2024

The next emergenCITY Open Lab Day will be held on March 14, 2024 in the...

Dec 21, 2023 Events
© SPRINT Robotics
© SPRINT Robotics

International Company Representatives Impressed by the AI, Robotics and Startup Ecosystem at TU Darmstadt

45 representatives of European companies visited TU Darmstadt and hessian.AI on December 12 and were...

Dec 19, 2023 News
© Klaus Mai
© Klaus Mai

Athene-Sonderpreis für Gute Lehre 2023 for emergenCITY PIs

TU Darmstadt honors outstanding best-practice models of teaching with the Athene Awards for Good Teaching....

Dec 12, 2023 Awards
© ICRS 2024
© ICRS 2024

International Conference on Resilient Systems 2024 – Call for Abstracts

From 28-30 August 2024, researchers from all over the world will gather at the CREATE...

Dec 8, 2023 Events
© emergenCITY
© emergenCITY

Women* networking at emergenCITY

Last Friday, the LOEWE Center emergenCITY and the MAKI Collaborative Research Centre hosted the Women*...

Dec 7, 2023 Events
© TU Darmstadt
© TU Darmstadt

Member of the Bundestag Larem visits emergenCITY’s eHUB

Member of the Bundestag Andreas Larem (SPD) visited emergenCITY’s resilient Smart Home eHUB and took...

Nov 16, 2023 eHUB News
© TU Darmstadt/Gerd Keim
© TU Darmstadt/Gerd Keim

Communication in the Event of a Crisis

Digital Advertising Pillars will provide Information for the Population

Oct 31, 2023 Events Media Heinerblock
© emergenCITY
© emergenCITY

emergenCITY presents sensor box to the public

Research turns into practice: emergenCITY is not only scientifically accompanying the transformation of Darmstadt’s Lichtenbergviertel...

Oct 30, 2023 Events Heinerblock
© Eleni Chatzi
© Eleni Chatzi

Ruzena Bajcsy Lecture with Eleni Chatzi with Networking Event for Women

Now we are catching up with the Ruzena Bajcsy Lecture with Eleni Chatzi: On Friday,...

Oct 28, 2023 Events
© Nadja Thiessen
© Nadja Thiessen

9th Trifels Summer School – Focus on Critical Infrastructures

Oct 28, 2023 Events

Lecture Series Secure Critical Infrastructures in WS 2023/2024

In the winter semester 2023/2024, the lecture series “Secure Critical Infrastructures” will be offered for...

Oct 23, 2023 Events

Mission Heinerblock is ready for take-off

The sixth mission, “Heinerblock” now extends emergenCITY’s research with a second living lab in the...

Oct 18, 2023 News Heinerblock Research
© Max Mühlhäuser
© Max Mühlhäuser

emergenCITY moderates Panel on Resilience at scientific flagship conference “Ubicomp”

The flagship scientific conference in the research field of Ubiquitous Computing, “Ubicomp”, took place in...

Oct 17, 2023 Events
© emergenCITY
© emergenCITY

Media response to the launch of the Heinerblock Mission

The emergenCITY Mission Heinerblock, which was launched this year, is researching the transformation of a...

Oct 15, 2023 Heinerblock Media
© Constanze Schneider, Convincing.media
© Constanze Schneider, Convincing.media

Success of G-Forum conference at TU Darmstadt

From September 27th to 29th – more than 250 researchers and practitioners gathered at this...

Oct 13, 2023 Events
© Kateryna Zarembo
© Kateryna Zarembo

Kateryna Zarembo is honored with Emma Goldman Snowball Award

Her thanks also goes to emergenCITY and thus to TUDa.

Oct 6, 2023 Awards
© emergenCITY
© emergenCITY

Invitation to the 8th Trifels Talk

Panel discussion on the topic of digitization of infrastructures and its challenges for security

Sep 28, 2023 Events
© emergenCITY, TU Darmstadt
© emergenCITY, TU Darmstadt

emergenCITY at European Mobility Week and Castle Opening in Darmstadt

On Saturday, September 16, the LOEWE Center emergenCITY will be present at two events in...

Sep 12, 2023 Events Heinerblock
© ProSieben Galileo
© ProSieben Galileo

emergenCITY Robot Scout at Galileo

In a TV report on the dismantling of nuclear power plants on the ProSieben science...

Sep 6, 2023 Media
© Haselhorst Associates Consulting
© Haselhorst Associates Consulting

Resilience through Urban Data Platforms

Best practice dossier on the situation in Germany published

Aug 23, 2023 Publications KB

Virtual Tour of the eHUB

The Hessian Ministry of Science and Art (HMWK) has modelled a virtual interactive image of...

Aug 9, 2023 eHUB
© Team Hector
© Team Hector

World’s Best Autonomous Rescuers

TU Darmstadt’s rescue robotics team Hector won awards for Best in Class Autonomy, Technology Challenge,...

Aug 7, 2023 Awards
© emergenCITY
© emergenCITY

Fruitful Exchange at Startup Day

The first “Startup Day” recently took place at emergenCITY. The exchange event brought together young...

Aug 3, 2023 Events
© Avikal Somvanshi
© Avikal Somvanshi

Guest Lecture on Heat Waves and Electricity Infrastructure in Cities of the Global South and North

emergenCITY guest researcher Avikal Somvanshi will speak on 19 July at 1 p.m. at TU...

Jul 13, 2023 Events
© emergenCITY
© emergenCITY

Learning from the Disaster – Two Years after the Flood of the Ahr Valley

The next few days will mark the second anniversary of the heavy flood event in...

Jul 12, 2023 Research
© emergenCITY/DeGruyter
© emergenCITY/DeGruyter

Book Publication “Endangerment of Urban Infrastructure by Floods”

We congratulate emergenCITY WiMi Nadja Thiessen on the publication of her book “Gefährdung städtischer Infrastruktur...

Jul 5, 2023 Publications
© Nils Aschenbruck
© Nils Aschenbruck

Robust Networks for Cyber Agricultural Systems

Distinguished Lecture with Prof. Nils Aschenbruck

Jul 3, 2023 Events
© emergenCITY
© emergenCITY

Third emergenCITY Collaboration Award

Promoting and rewarding collaboration in research, even among young scientists: This is what the emergenCITY...

Jun 30, 2023 Awards Publications
© emergenCITY
© emergenCITY

These are the winners of the Female Student Travel Award 2023

Jun 27, 2023 Awards
© Team Hector
© Team Hector

Darmstadt Rescue Robots at the International Top

The rescue robotics team Hector of TU Darmstadt took first place in the radiation mapping...

Jun 26, 2023 Awards
© Vincent Poor
© Vincent Poor

Learning at the Wireless Edge

Distinguished Lecture with Prof. H. Vincent Poor

Jun 23, 2023 Events

Media coverage of emergenCITY research on the Ahr floods

emergenCITY-PI Michèle Knodt and Eva Platzer conducted a comprehensive analysis in the course of the...

Jun 6, 2023 Media
© Jens Steingässer
© Jens Steingässer

Research for Disaster Relief

Former Solar Decathlon house reopened as research laboratory eHUB at TU Darmstadt

Jun 5, 2023 Events eHUB
© Jens Steingässer
© Jens Steingässer

Media Coverage concerning the eHUB opening

The eHUB is the research laboratory of the emergenCITY Mission of the same name and...

Jun 5, 2023 Media
© emergenCITY
© emergenCITY

Second emergenCITY Professorship Appointed

In April 2023, Professor Marco Zimmerling joined the team of PIs at emergenCITY in the...

Jun 2, 2023 News
© wladimir1804, Adobe Stock
© wladimir1804, Adobe Stock

Trifels Summer School on Critical Infrastructures 2023

Invitation to the Summer School on Critical Infrastructures from 25 to 29.09.2023 in Annweiler am...

Jun 1, 2023 Events
© Team Hector
© Team Hector

Team Hector Wins Rescue Robotics Competition at the German Rescue Robotics Center

The rescue robotics team Hector from Darmstadt University of Technology has once again won this...

May 12, 2023 Awards
© Energy Robotics
© Energy Robotics

Funding for Energy Robotics

Associated start-up founded with the collaboration of TU professor and emergenCITY PI Oskar von Stryk...

May 10, 2023 News
© CHI 2023
© CHI 2023

Passwordless yet Secure – Best Paper Award at Flagship Conference

Study on smartphone authentication with emergenCITY participation has won a Best Paper Award at the...

May 8, 2023 Awards Research

Female Student Travel Award 2023

Are you a female student in computer science, electrical engineering or information technology? Apply by...

Apr 18, 2023 Awards
© Torsten Hoefler
© Torsten Hoefler

Distinguished Lecture with Torsten Hoefler

For the Distinguished Lecture in April, MAKI and emergenCITY could win Professor Torsten Hoefler from...

Apr 14, 2023 Events
© Goethe-Universität Frankfurt
© Goethe-Universität Frankfurt

Science Meets Regions with emergenCITY

The practice day of the EU-funded project enables guests from politics and administration to gain...

Apr 6, 2023 Events
© emergenCITY
© emergenCITY

Lively Internal Exchange on emergenCITY Demonstrators

At the second emergenCITY Demo Fair in March, scientists had the opportunity to exchange information...

Apr 5, 2023 Events Research
© emergenCITY
© emergenCITY

An Advertising Pillar 4.0

Joachim Schulze interviewed in OOH! Magazine

Mar 28, 2023 Media Research

Lessons Learned from the Flood of 2021

The heavy rainfall event of summer 2021 in the Ahr Valley, with more than 180...

Mar 22, 2023 Research
© ZEVEDI, Collage emergenCITY
© ZEVEDI, Collage emergenCITY

State-of-the-Art of Automated Aerial Vehicles

Uwe Klingauf on the podcast “Digitalgespräch”

Mar 9, 2023 Media
© Uwe Dettmar
© Uwe Dettmar

emergenCITY Participates in EU “Science Meets Regions” Pilot Project

EU promotes science-policy dialogue at regional and local levels – emergenCITY participates in the project...

Feb 28, 2023 Events
© David F. Bacon
© David F. Bacon

Distinguished Lecture with David F. Bacon

The next Distinguished Lecture organized by MAKI and emergenCITY with an exciting topic is coming...

Feb 27, 2023 Events
© FrauOdilo, Pixabay
© FrauOdilo, Pixabay

Sharing electricity in a crisis situation? With a friend in need, definitely!

What about the willingness to share privately generated electricity during a prolonged power outage? Researchers...

Feb 21, 2023 Research Publications
© Christoph Dietzel
© Christoph Dietzel

Distinguished Lecture with Christoph Dietzel

Good news: The Distinguished Lecture with Christoph Dietzel, Global Head of Products & Research of...

Feb 2, 2023 Events

Where are the Female Professors?

Panel discussion on the compatibility of “Academia & Family – Men need to act!”

Feb 1, 2023 Events
© Rüdiger Dunker, TU Darmstadt
© Rüdiger Dunker, TU Darmstadt

emergenCITY Thesis wins Datenlotsen-Preis 2022

Bachelor thesis by Ben-Jasper Kettlitz supervised at emergenCITY has received “Datenlotsen Prize 2022”

Jan 23, 2023 Awards

Cybersecurity Research on TV

In the ARD Wissen documentary “Deutschland im Ernstfall - Wie schützen wir unsere Infrastruktur?”, emergenCITY...

Jan 18, 2023 Media
© Northeastern University
© Northeastern University

Side Channel Attacks on Mobile and Wireless Systems

Distinguished Lecture with Professor Guevara Noubir In collaboration with SFB MAKI, emergenCITY is organizing a...

Jan 11, 2023 Events
© emergenCITY
© emergenCITY

Technologies for Crisis Management

From a rescue robot to a self-sufficient house and a digitalized advertising pillar: emergenCITY is...

Dec 27, 2022 Media
© Lea Holaus
© Lea Holaus

An Ordinary Crisis – Fiction or a Glimpse into the Future?

Jana trudged across the bone-dry street in her rubber boots and rang the bell. It...

Dec 8, 2022 Research
© iStock
© iStock

Warning, but what’s next? – Research for the Crisis

The Warning Day on December 08 attracts public attention throughout Germany. After the disaster of...

Dec 7, 2022 Research ACN eHUB
© wissenschaft.hessen.de
© wissenschaft.hessen.de

This was emergenCITY at “Stunde der Wahrheit”

At the event “Stunde der Wahrheit” Hesse’s Minister of Science Angela Dorn invited to Wetzlar...

Dec 1, 2022 Events
© emergenCITY
© emergenCITY

emergenCITY Demonstrators Successfully Presented

In October, the first emergenCITY Demonstrator Fair took place, an in-house fair during which the...

Nov 21, 2022 Events Research
© hessen-schafft-wissen.de
© hessen-schafft-wissen.de

Gerrit Hornung Guest on Podcast “Hessen schafft Wissen”

IT and information technologies are drivers of innovation in both the social and economic spheres,...

Nov 18, 2022 Media
© emergenCITY
© emergenCITY

First emergenCITY Student Award

The two Bachelor students Bianca Beer and Benjamin Schmidt of the Mechanical Engineering – Sustainable...

Nov 16, 2022 Awards Events

Guest at “Die Stunde der Wahrheit“

On Tuesday, November 22, 2022 at 7 pm, Die Stunde der Wahrheit, an event series...

Nov 14, 2022 Events

Risk for and Protection of Underwater Infrastructures

Resilience research in the right place at the right time on a topic that also...

Nov 2, 2022 Media
© Bloessl
© Bloessl

Bastian Bloessl wins Ulrich Rohde Award

emergenCITY researcher Bastian Bloessl was awarded the Ulrich L. Rohde Award of 2022 during this...

Oct 20, 2022 Awards
© emergenCITY
© emergenCITY

The “Brain” of the Digital City explained

Mission Knowledge Base launches explanatory video What can digital data with information about cities help...

Oct 19, 2022 News KB

Lecture Series “Secure Critical Infrastructures”

How secure are our critical infrastructures? This is the question asked by the digital lecture...

Oct 14, 2022 Events
© Collage emergenCITY
© Collage emergenCITY

“There is no single solution”

emergenCITY-PI Annette Rudolph-Cleff talks in an interview to Der Spiegel about the consequences of climate...

Oct 5, 2022 Media
© Timothy Moss, emergenCITY
© Timothy Moss, emergenCITY

Future-Proof Infrastructures

Distinguished Lecture with Professor Timothy Moss and Award for Outstanding Student Project Together with SFB...

Oct 4, 2022 Events
© Michaela Leštáková
© Michaela Leštáková

emergenCITY at the ISNGI Conference in Rotterdam

After a summer of unprecedented heatwaves, energy crisis and a dramatic drought that made the...

Sep 21, 2022 Events KB ReSON
© emergenCITY
© emergenCITY

emergenCITY Opens its Doors at the Demonstrator Fair

emergenCITY opens its doors: Together with our scientists we would like to give all partners...

Sep 19, 2022 Events
© Christian Reuter
© Christian Reuter

Conference Mensch und Computer with great response and almost 600 participants

The Mensch und Computer (MuC) 2022 conference was held at Darmstadt University of Technology from...

Sep 15, 2022 Events
© Sai Noi, iStock
© Sai Noi, iStock

Flying Communication Infrastructures

The emergenCITY cross-sectional mission Aerial Crisis Networks (ACN) is conducting research on communication systems based...

Sep 7, 2022 ACN Research
© Markus Volk, iStock
© Markus Volk, iStock

10 Scientific Recommendations on Reconstruction and Sustainability of Flood-Affected Regions

The flood disaster in North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate last year is one of the most...

Aug 23, 2022 News Research
© emergenCITY
© emergenCITY

Look Back on the emergenCITY Week 2022

Participatory workshops, distinguished lectures and inspiring discussions: During the emergenCITY Week 2022, the exchange between...

Aug 11, 2022 News Events
© emergenCITY
© emergenCITY

Second emergenCITY Collaboration Award

The winners of the second emergenCITY Collaboration Award, which was awarded during this year’s emergenCITY...

Jul 27, 2022 Awards Publications
© emergenCITY
© emergenCITY

emergenCITY at the exhibition “Wissensspeicher” in Kassel

emergenCITY is involved with the Knowledge Base in the exhibition “Wissensspeicher - 100 Ideen für...

Jul 20, 2022 Events KB
© Cecilia Mascolo
© Cecilia Mascolo

Ruzena Bajcsy Lecture and Female Student Travel Award Ceremony

Together with MAKI, CROSSING and the Research Training Group Privacy & Trust, we cordially invite...

Jul 8, 2022 Events
© Hermann de Meer
© Hermann de Meer

Distinguished Lecture with Prof. Hermann de Meer

The research centers MAKI and emergenCITY are inviting to the Distinguished Lecture with Professor Hermann...

Jul 1, 2022 Events
© Britta Schmalz, Jan Gugenheimer, Michael Muma
© Britta Schmalz, Jan Gugenheimer, Michael Muma

New Principal Investigators at emergenCITY

emergenCITY gets new reinforcement. Professors Britta Schmalz and Jan Gugenheimer have started their work at...

Jun 28, 2022 News
© Shutterstock
© Shutterstock

Joint Conference with the Schader Foundation: Hybrid Threats for Critical Infrastructures

Extreme weather or cyber-attack – what difference does it make for prevention and emergency response...

Jun 14, 2022 Events

Workshop “Urban Resilience” during emergenCITY Week 2022

How can the city of tomorrow contribute to the well-being and safety of the people...

Jun 1, 2022 Events

Publication in the “International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction” on blackout as a crisis scenario

The lights don’t turn on, the shower is cold, the coffee maker won’t brew a...

May 30, 2022 Publications Research
© emergenCITY
© emergenCITY

Connected within the Local Neighbourhood - The emergenCITY ReSON App

As one of many examples, the flood in the Ahr valley last year showed that...

May 25, 2022 Media

First emergenCITY funded professor takes up his work

Since April, Professor Vahid Jamali has been the new PI at emergenCITY for the first...

May 13, 2022 News Research

Report of the “Ethics of the Digital City” Conference

The report of the conference “Ethics of the Digital City”, jointly organized by emergenCITY, KRITIS...

May 5, 2022 Publications

Apply now for the Female Student Travel Award 2022!

Attention female students of computer science, electrical engineering and information technology! Together with the Collaborative...

May 2, 2022 News

Renovation work at the eHUB is progressing

A lot has happened at the eHUB. The conversion and renovation of the former Solar...

Apr 29, 2022 News eHUB

Digital Control Center for Crises

emergenCITY cross-sectional mission researches a Smart Digital Situation Control Center Our cities are becoming more...

Apr 27, 2022 Research

Organizing digital data on cities

emergenCITY cross-sectional mission works on the design of a knowledge base Information can become the...

Apr 11, 2022 KB Research

Resilience for Digital Agriculture

Resilience is an important factor also in agriculture. New technologies for automation and data collection...

Mar 28, 2022 Research

The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

In the June 2021 flood disaster, the devastation caused a long lasting blackout in the...

Mar 23, 2022 Research Publications

Safe and crisis-proof communication and organisation

emergenCITY cross-sectional mission ReSON develops resilient neighborhood app Neighborhoods that organise themselves by using digital...

Mar 22, 2022 ReSON Research

When the Internet Becomes a Battlefield – Interviews with Prof. Christian Reuter on Cyber Warfare

What role does cyber warfare play in military conflicts? And what is the current risk...

Mar 16, 2022 Media

emergenCITY at the Future Dialogue in Kassel

Is technology the answer to all our questions or the cause of new problems? The...

Mar 11, 2022 Events

Dr. Michael Muma elected Chairman of a Technical Area Committee of EURASIP

emergenCITY scientist Dr. Michael Muma has been elected Chair of the Technical Area Committee (TAC)...

Feb 21, 2022 News

Tracking down information from biobanks

ERC Starting Grant for research project of emergenCITY scientist Michael Muma emergenCITY scientist Dr. Michael...

Feb 15, 2022 News

emergenCITY Scout at work

For Team Hector, the two ground robots DRZ Telemax and emergenCITY Scout won first rank...

Feb 4, 2022 Awards

Database Systems and Information Management – Distinguished Lecture with Prof. Volker Markl

In the next Distinguished Lecture on Monday, February 07, Professor Volker Markl from TU Berlin...

Jan 31, 2022 Events

emergenCITY and Floods – Current Research Projects

The devastating floods in mid-July 2021 painfully demonstrated the vulnerability of our cities. The extent...

Jan 31, 2022 Research

Flood disaster 2021 survey

The LOEWE Center emergenCITY and our scientists were deeply affected by the floods in Germany...

Jan 21, 2022 Research

New LOEWE funding for research on slums

Since the beginning of January, a new research project of the TU Darmstadt is funded...

Jan 18, 2022 News

The Right to the Smart City – Distinguished Lecture with Prof. Rob Kitchin

Professor Rob Kitchin of Maynooth University will give a Distinguished Lecture on the “idea and...

Jan 17, 2022 Events

Distinguished Lecture with Prof. Maurice Herlihy

On December 9 at 4:15pm we are co-hosting a Distinguished Lecture with SFB MAKI in...

Dec 2, 2021 Events

SLSIP Workshop in Rüdesheim

After a delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the third Statistical Learning for Signal and...

Nov 30, 2021 Events

Online Conference “Ethics of the Digital City“

We invite you to the public online conference “Ethics of the Digital City - Challenge...

Nov 29, 2021 Events

New professors at emergenCITY

emergenCITY is growing! Three new professors were recruited for emergenCITY this fall: Prof. Rolf Findeisen,...

Nov 25, 2021 News

Mission eHUB starts research on power crisis

The cross-cutting mission eHUB from the different program areas of emergenCITY starts to convert the...

Nov 1, 2021 eHUB Research

Darmstadt’s rescue robots on course for success

The rescue robotics team Hector recently won two competitions: the European robotics competition EnRicH and...

Oct 28, 2021 Awards

Lecture series “Secure Critical Infrastructures” during the winter term

How secure are our critical infrastructures? This is the question asked by the digital lecture...

Oct 20, 2021 Events

KuVS Science Award for emergenCITY Master Thesis

For his master thesis on “Secure Device Pairing Using Short-Range Acoustic Communication” emergenCITY researcher Florentin...

Oct 8, 2021 Awards

Bringing the next generation to campus

The project NeXT Generation on Campus at TU Darmstadt playfully introduces pupils to the degree...

Oct 6, 2021 News

When devices learn foreign languages to communicate universally

Best Paper Award for emergenCITY and MAKI scientists All smart home devices controlled from one...

Sep 22, 2021 Awards Research

Our three lemon experiment winners of the ProLOEWE science rally

There were six weeks to solve 21 ProLOEWE science puzzles - six great weeks in...

Sep 22, 2021 News

emergenCITY participates in BMBF Research Project Open6GHub

TU Darmstadt is part of the 6G research consortium Open6GHub funded by the German Federal...

Aug 18, 2021 News

Tracking lost keys or stolen bikes made easy

ATHENE and emergenCITY researchers provide award-winning open-source framework for locating personal Bluetooth devices While it...

Aug 11, 2021 Awards Research

Start of the ProLOEWE Science Rally with emergenCITY Experiment

Great news: You can continue to puzzle! The participation period of the ProLOEWE Science Rally...

Aug 1, 2021 Events

ProLOEWE science rally starts on 2 August with emergenCITY’s contribution

Summer boredom has no chance during these summer holidays: On 2 August, the ProLOEWE science...

Jul 29, 2021 Events

SWR interview with Matthias Hollick on resilient communication networks in times of crisis

Recent floods have hit parts of North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate. The water masses pose an...

Jul 21, 2021 Media

Female Student Travel Award presented

Congratulations to the winners of the Female Student Travel Award 2021! The awards were given...

Jul 19, 2021 Awards

Team Hector successful at RoboCup

The rescue robot team Hector from TU Darmstadt has won the Best-in-Class Awards in two...

Jul 14, 2021 Awards

emergenCITY week 2021

During the first emergenCITY Week, emergenCITY focused on its primary goal: interdisciplinary research on resilience...

Jul 12, 2021 Events

First emergenCITY Collaboration Awards presented

During the first emergenCITY week, emergenCITY presented the first emergenCITY Collaboration Award. An internal committee...

Jul 12, 2021 Awards
© emergenCITY
© emergenCITY

Ruzena Bajcsy Lecture and Female Student Travel Award Ceremony 2021

Together with MAKI and the Research Training Group Privacy & Trust, we cordially invite you...

Jul 7, 2021 Events

Second emergenCITY Policy Paper – Crisis-proof through dark times

Our critical infrastructures are becoming increasingly complex and thus more crisis-prone. Even if hardly anyone...

Jun 17, 2021 Publications Research

Workshop “Software and Resilience” at emergenCITY Week 2021

In the crisis and disaster management of digital cities, a fail-safe IT infrastructure and resilient...

Jun 11, 2021 Events

Joint emergenCITY – MAKI DLS Impulse Lectures during emergenCITY Week 2021

As part of the emergenCITY Week 2021, emergenCITY and the Collaborative Research Centre MAKI of...

Jun 10, 2021 Events

emergenCITY Week 2021

From June 14 - 17, 2021, the first emergenCITY week will take place. We would...

Jun 7, 2021 Events

Apply now for the Female Student Travel Award 2021!

Attention female students of computer science, electrical engineering and information technology! Together with the Collaborative...

May 19, 2021 News

Apple AirDrop shares more than files

Researchers discover significant privacy leak in Apple’s file-sharing service AirDrop Pictures, presentations, or videos –...

Apr 21, 2021 Research Publications

Shaping the computers of the future in the new DFG focus programme “Disruptive Main Memory Technologies”

The new focus programme “Disruptive Main Memory Technologies” of the German Research Foundation (DFG) will...

Apr 15, 2021 News

How prepared are major German cities for a blackout? – emergenCITY in BBK magazine

The snow chaos in Münsterland in November 2005 caused a sudden power failure for 250,000...

Apr 9, 2021 Research Publications

New focus programme in the field of resilient networks

Following the motto “Mastering faults, overload, attacks and the unknown”, the new focus programme “Resilience...

Apr 8, 2021 News

Study Award of the SEW-Eurodrive Foundation for emergenCITY Master Thesis

Christian Schroth’s master thesis titled “Robust Bayesian Cluster Analysis” has been awarded the 2020 Study...

Mar 31, 2021 Awards

Radiant future? – Prof. Michèle Knodt interviewed by HR Info on nuclear energy after Fukushima

A radiant future was predicted to Nuclear energy until the word “radiant” acquired a negative...

Mar 26, 2021 Media

Dr. Michael Muma receives the EURASIP Early Career Award 2021

Congratulations to emergenCITY scientist Dr.-Ing. Michael Muma, who receives the 2021 Early Career Award from...

Mar 15, 2021 Awards

Congratulations to Iryna Gurevych on the first LOEWE-professorship

emergenCITY-PI Prof. Dr. Iryna Gurevych receives the first LOEWE-professorship of the Hessian research funding programme...

Mar 10, 2021 News

Prof. Oskar von Stryk among the World’s Top 25 Influential Computer Scientists

According to the ranking of Academic Influence, emergenCITY Program Area Lead Prof. Dr. Oskar von...

Mar 9, 2021 Awards

Who Can “Find My” Devices?

It is supposed to make it easier to find Apple devices - but normally not...

Mar 4, 2021 Research Publications

emergenCITY researchers featured in the podcast Hessen schafft Wissen

What is a democracy? How does a convincing stage scene emerge? How does digital communication...

Feb 24, 2021 Media

Prof. Annette Rudolph-Cleff at the BDA’s 25th Berliner (Fern-) Gespräch

Information and communication technologies are more important to us than ever, as the Corona pandemic...

Dec 22, 2020 News
© hr
© hr

emergenCITY on Hessischer Rundfunk

Compared to other regions of the world, we live very safely in Germany. But our...

Dec 2, 2020 Media

Paper accepted at top tier conference SIGMETRICS’21

Congratulations to our emergenCITY scientists Arash Asadi, Allyson Sim and Matthias Hollick. The paper “Stay...

Dec 2, 2020 News Research

IANUS Award 2020 for emergenCITY researcher Marc-André Kaufhold

IANUS stands for scientific and technical peace and conflict research at the Technische Universität Darmstadt....

Nov 25, 2020 Awards

Research Training Group KRITIS extended

emergenCITY cooperates with the Graduiertenkolleg KRITIS since the beginning, because it fits to the research...

Nov 11, 2020 News

Congratulations to Iryna Gurevych as future President of the ACL

emergenCITY-PI Prof. Iryna Gurevych takes over the office of Vice-President-elect as of January 1, 2021...

Nov 11, 2020 News

Policy Paper published with recommendations for action

How can our society function reliably even in crises? This is the key question of...

Oct 22, 2020 Publications

emergenCITY Paper wins Best Student Paper Award at IEEE Radar Conference 2020

Among the 143 papers submitted to the competition from across the world, the best five...

Oct 16, 2020 Awards

Prof. Matthias Hollick in the “Rat der Cyberweisen”

Prof. Matthias Hollick: “Digital infrastructures in networked cities must remain available, understandable and controllable at...

Jun 25, 2020 Media

emergenCITY at the Darmstädter Energiekonferenz

emergenCITY at the 12th Darmstädter Energiekonferenz: Resilience – Smart security of our energy supply. The...

Feb 19, 2020 Events

Talk on human disasters of natural origin by Prof. Christian Oberli

“There are no natural disasters. There are only human disasters of natural origin” – their...

Dec 4, 2019 Events

Crisis-proof networking on 3Sat

How important is crisis-proof networking? What are the consequences of digitalization? emergenCITY PI Prof. Ralf...

Nov 3, 2019 Media

First guest researcher at emergenCITY: Prof. Michael Zink (UMass Amherst)

We are happy to announce our first visitor: Prof. Michael Zink, co-director of CASA at...

Jul 22, 2019 Events

emergenCITY – we have started!

In January 2020 the research center “emergenCITY - The Resilient Digital City” under the direction...

Jul 4, 2019 News