Dr. Andrea Ortiz worked for several years at the Communications Engineering Lab with the deputy coordinator of emergenCITY Prof. Dr. Anja Klein. There, she also conducted research for emergenCITY on the resilience, resource allocation and performance guarantee of wireless communication networks. Now she is breaking new ground: Ortiz has been awarded the Vienna Research Group Grant of almost 1.6 million euros from the Vienna Science and Technology Fund (WWTF) linked to a tenure track professorship at the Institute of Telecommunications at TU Wien. Ortiz will set up her research project ASUCAR - Achieving Sustainable, Scalable and Resilient Wireless Networks there. The project investigates how wireless networks, as an important part of everyday life, can be further developed in terms of sustainability, scalability and resilience. “The aim of the project is to further develop wireless networks so that they not only function optimally, but are also robust, adaptable and environmentally friendly in order to meet the diverse and ever-changing requirements of our networked world,” the project description outlines. Thematically, Ortiz is thus taking the resilience research of digital cities and their critical infrastructures further into a new research project. emergenCITY congratulates Andrea Ortiz on this success and wishes her all the best for her new career move.