How secure are our critical infrastructures? This is the question asked by the digital lecture series “Secure Critical Infrastructures” starting 19th of October 2022 every Wednesday during the winter term 2022/23. The series is organized by the special departments of SEEMOO (Prof. Dr. Matthias Hollick), PEASEC (Prof. Dr. Christian Reuter) and Modern and Contemporary History (Prof. Dr. Jens Ivo Engels) and partnered officially by emergenCITY.

Critical infrastructures, or KRITIS in short, are, according to BMI, “organizations or facilities with important significance for the state community, and in case of their failure or impairment, lasting supply bottlenecks, significant disruptions to public safety or other dramatic consequences would occur.”

The lecture series, which is already in its 9th episode, takes every Wednesday from 4.14 pm to 5.55 a look at several of these critical infrastructures and discusses their security challenges. To do so, speakers from various research institutions, companies and businesses give a weekly expert lecture.

This semester, a wide variety researchers with different topics are represented, ranging from the RWTH Aachen, the TH Köln and the Frauenhofer SIT to experts from Deutschen Flugsicherung, Deutschen Börse AG as well as Berater der öffentlichen Hand GmbH and many more. A detailed overview regarding the topic plan and the participation opportunities for students as well as interested members of the public can be found here.

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Lecture series “Secure Critical Infrastructures” Wednesdays, 4.14 pm to 5.55 in winter term 2022/23 in German

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Digital via Zoom: Registration for students Registration for non-students In Person: Room S101/A5 (Software AG Hörsaal, Karolinenplatz 5, 64289 Darmstadt)