How can our society function reliably even in crises? This is the key question of the policy paper published by emergenCITY. The paper urges actors from politics, economy and society to make digital infrastructures crisis-proof. COVID-19 is a current example of how stable infrastructures have to be if more and more people work and communicate digitally from home overnight. Resilient information and communication technologies must be able to cope with overloads, technical faults, cyber attacks, prolonged power failures or material damage so that highly relevant areas such as the healthcare system or services of general interest are not negatively affected. The scientists of emergenCITY now urgently recommend to increase the crisis resilience of our infrastructures and thus of society in the long term.

The policy paper, written by Matthias Hollick, Jens Ivo Engels, Cornelia Fraune, Bernd Freisleben, Gerrit Hornung, Michèle Knodt and Max Mühlhäuser is available under a Creative Commons License:

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