Mission Knowledge Base launches explanatory video

What can digital data with information about cities help us with? Why is it useful, and how can it be organized? This is in a nutshell what the Mission Knowledge Base is researching. And it explains its work on a demonstrator also called Knowledge Base now more closely in a 90-second explanatory video. The Knowledge Base is supposed to be such a platform that can collect and provide information from the diverse data of a digital city. Its demonstrator is currently being tested at the LOEWE Center emergenCITY and was presented at the emergenCITY Demonstrator Fair.

Platforms such as the Knowledge Base should facilitate the exchange of information in digital cities in the future and, moreover, process and interpret it. This is because the data volumes of digital cities offer great potential for dealing with crisis situations. The researchers’ goal is to use the Knowledge Base as a kind of “brain” of the digital city to detect irregularities and dangers at an early stage to be able to provide more targeted and faster crisis management thanks to the improved data situation.

What sounds rather abstract at first is illustrated by the Knowledge Base video using the example of a fire. It shows how the data is obtained, for example, from the water, energy and communications networks, through sensors in intelligent light poles, or even through robots and drones, which can be used especially in such an event of a crisis. It also shows how data platforms make it possible to learn even better from past crises. In this way, decision-making processes can be made reproducible and traceable, and crisis management can also be improved for future events.

All information on the mission is available on the mission’s website and the video is now available on Youtube on the emergenCITY channel.