Attention female students of computer science, electrical engineering and information technology! Together with the Collaborative Research Centers MAKI and CROSSING and the Research Training Group Privacy & Trust, emergenCITY awards the Female Student Travel Award 2022.

With the award we honor exceptionally well performances of female students in computer science, electrical engineering and information technology. The seven winners will be awarded a stipend of 500 euros and we want to encourage them to use the money to attend one of the listed conferences, which are focused on connecting female researchers in computer science and engineering, to take advantage of the excellent networking opportunities during these events: FSTAK

Interested? We look forward to receiving your application by June 7, 2022 to the Gender Equality Office of TU Darmstadt: The application should include a letter of motivation, your CV, your performance record (TUCaN performance record), and a description of your connection or interest to the field of research of MAKI, CROSSING, Privacy & Trust or emergenCITY.

Notifications will be sent by early July and the online award ceremony will be on July 14, 2022.