In the next Distinguished Lecture on Monday, February 07, Professor Volker Markl from TU Berlin will give a talk on database systems and information management. Together with the SFB MAKI we cordially invite all interested participants to join the Zoom Lecture.

  • Date: Feb. 07, 2022; 4:15 p.m. – 5:15 p.m.
  • Title: Database Systems and Information Management – Trends and a Vision
  • Speaker: Prof. Dr. Volker Markl, Technical University Berlin
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The global database research community has greatly impacted the functionality and performance of data storage and data processing systems along the “big data” dimensions of volume, velocity, variety, and veracity. Although much progress has been made, when looking at the overall big data stack, a major challenge for database research community still remains. That is, how to maintain the ease-of-use despite the increasing heterogeneity and complexity of data analytics.

In his talk, Professor Markl will present the projects Nebula Stream and Agora. The goal of his research is to solve some of the heterogeneity challenges that hamper developer productivity and limit the use of data science technologies to just the privileged few, who are coveted experts. Professor Markl outlines how state-of-the-art Singl Pair Ethernet components (SPEs) have to change to exploit the new capabilities of the Internet of Things (IoT). In addition, he shows how IoT challenges are tackled in the system Nebula Stream. He also presents his latest project Agora, an asset ecosystem that provides the technical infrastructure for offering and using data and algorithms, as well as physical infrastructure components.