Member of the Bundestag Andreas Larem (SPD) visited emergenCITY’s resilient Smart Home eHUB and took a look at our innovative crisis management technologies.

The eHUB provides answers to important questions in emergency situations: How can the population be prepared for a prolonged, nationwide power outage? How can the effects of this scenario be mitigated? And how can smart homes contribute to resilience in all phases of a crisis?

Thanks to the decentralized use of renewable energy from its own photovoltaic systems, the eHUB forms a local power island during a prolonged national power outage. Other buildings that are equipped similarly to the eHUB could also form power islands and even supply electricity to the neighborhood – thus increasing urban resilience. In this way, citizens can be supplied with electricity. Drones can charge their batteries and deliver medicines and information. Important information is automatically transferred from the drones to an external display panel on the building facade. The eHUB as a test building for crisis situations is hands-on research!