emergenCITY is bursting of new digital ideas - and as in previous years, the 2024 Open Lab Day (formerly known as the emergenCITY Demo Fair with the motto Resilience Meets Innovation offers the opportunity to discover plenty of these ideas live. On Thursday, 14 March, emergenCITY invites startups and young enterprises, invited and all interested guests to visit current research demonstrators in the emergenCITY Lab at Mornewegstraße 30.

The day starts at 9.30 a.m. with the collective workshop emergenCITY meets Startups: A Collabortative Encounter Part 2, which, thanks to the organisation of Carolin Bock and Syrine Adala, brings the emergenCITY team together with young startups from Hessen and offers space for the creative exchange of the latest start-up ideas. The Open Lap Day will be starting at 12 a.m.: emergenCITY scientists will be exhibiting and presenting mature prototypes as well as new ideas and demonstrators which are currently still in the development process.

Ranging from resilient displays for building facades, which can be used to communicate with the surrounding civilian population in the event of a crisis, and the AlgoRes app, which can help evaluate the resilience of various configurations of modern power grids, to a live demo of a simulated UAV network (SUN), a wide variety of new developments will be presented.

The emergenCITY research team thus provides exclusive insights into current application-related research projects. The Open Lab Day is a day dedicated to interdisciplinary exchange on the various developments that are in the making at emergenCITY. The respective experts of each demonstrator will of course also be available to answer external questions.

emergenCITY Open Lab Day + Workshop Thursday, 14th of March 2024 09.30 am – 4 pm

Mornewegstraße 30 64293 Darmstadt

For registration for the Open Lab Day, please write a short email to office@emergencity.de until the 7th of March.

Registrations of those additionally interested in the workshop can be directed to manager@emergencity.de.