On December 9 at 4:15pm we are co-hosting a Distinguished Lecture with SFB MAKI in which Prof. Maurice Herlihy from Brown University will give a talk on “Correctness Conditions for Cross-Chain Deals”. All interested parties are invited and can easily join the Zoom lecture:

  • Date: Thursday, Dec. 09, 2021; 4:15 p.m. - 5:15 p.m.
  • Title: Correctness Conditions for Cross-Chain Deals
  • Speaker: Prof. Maurice Herlihy Ph.D., Brown University, USA
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Prof. Herlihy’s talk will show the new challenges of modern data management systems - especially when multiple autonomous parties that distrust each other are supposed to work together: For example, how to combine multiple steps into a single action or synchronize concurrent access to data? Prof Herlihy proposes the notion of across-chain deal, a new way to structuring complex distributed computations that manage assets in an adversarial setting.