We invite you to the public online conference “Ethics of the Digital City - Challenge of Data Sovereignty” on December 03, 2021. The conference is organized as a collaboration of the research centers RTG KRITIS, RTG Privacy and Trust for Mobile Users and emergenCITY.

In six exciting talks by top speakers, we will dive into various topics of data sovereignty in digital cities: What problems and opportunities accompany current debates in the European Union on reclaiming more data sovereignty? What regulations are needed for the economic use of data? Is privacy even a desirable goal in digital cities, and what are the technical limits? And how do local urban politics, digital infrastructures, and the ongoing reterritorialization of data shape the understanding of sovereignty? – These and many other highly relevanr questions will be discussed in the course of the conference.

Interested parties can simply dial in! Go to the Program Overview and the Zoom Link here.