emergenCITY cooperates with the Graduiertenkolleg KRITIS since the beginning, because it fits to the research and interdisciplinary orientation of emergenCITY. We are all the more pleased about its furt her funding. The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) supports the Research Training Group “Critical Infrastructures. Construction, Functional Crises and Protection in Cities” (KRITIS) for another four and a half years. The approved funding volume amounts to approximately 4.6 million euros. In the college, which was established in 2016, around 15 young researchers are currently researching what critical infrastructures are, what disruptions they are threatened with and how they can be avoided. The leading role in this project is played by the humanities and social sciences, with extensive participation by scientists from the fields of civil and environmental engineering, architecture, electrical engineering and information technology and computer science.