The winners of the second emergenCITY Collaboration Award, which was awarded during this year’s emergenCITY Week, showed joyful faces during the short in person ceremony. The award honors three scientific publications by young emergenCITY scientists who distinguish themselves through special interdisciplinary collaboration among the different emergenCITY programme areas and subprojects. An internal committee has reviewed a total of seven reported cross-project papers published during the previous year and finally selected the three winning publications.

First place went to Kevin Logan, Michaela Leštáková and Nadja Thissen, who published the paper “Water Distribution in a Socio-Technical System: Resilience Assessment for Critical Events Causing Demand Relocation” in the journal Water together with Jens Ivo Engels and Peter F. Pelz. Their study presents an exploratory and historically-informed approach to assessing the resilience of water distribution systems in the critical case of demand relocation.

Lars Baumgärtner, Tobias Meuser, and Bastian Bloessl earned second place with their IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference paper on “coreemu-lab: An Automated Network Emulation and Evaluation Environment. The article presents the coreemu-lab as a flexible and user-friendly multi-platform open source solution that automates the process of orchestrating different monitoring services in an emulated, lightweight network environment.

The third award went to Jan-Philipp Stroscher, Marius Schnaubelt, Alejandro Sanchez Guinea, Stefan Fabian, Julius von Willich, Yasin Alhamwy and Maximilian Bauer, who together with PIs Oskar von Stryk, Max Mühlhauser, Kurt Geihs and Gerrit Hornung published a paper on “Technical & Data Protection Aspects of a Smart Digital Control Center for Smart Cities” in context of the 51st Annual Meeting of the Gesellschaft für Informatik. The paper describes the technical overview of a smart city infrastructure that uses permanent stationary sensors and on-demand agents to map a digital twin of a city and discusses the related data protection laws.

emergenCITY congratulates all awarded candidates, who will not only receive the award but also a non-cash prize of their choice to make their home office more convenient.