emergenCITY scientist Dr. Michael Muma has been elected Chair of the Technical Area Committee (TAC) for Theoretical and Methodological Trends in Signal Processing of the European Association for Signal Processing (EURASIP).

EURASIP is a non-profit organization and platform of scholarly and professional exchange that aims to connect leading scientists in the field of signal processing. To this end, EURASIP brings together scientists from Europe and other parts of the world, provides a space for sharing knowledge and visions, and promotes research in the field of signal processing.

The Technical Area Committees (TACs) in turn form the backbone of EURASIP’s technical activities. Members of the TACs are outstanding scientists and technical experts in their fields who support EURASIP’s scientific activities and ensure the quality and relevant advancement of their respective fields.

The TAC chaired by Dr. Michael Muma specifically supports EURASIP activities related to signal processing theory and methods. This includes, for example, the areas of statistical signal processing, the processing of massive and high-dimensional data, signal geometry, structured models and inversion, signal processing for graphs and networks, and artificial intelligence in signal processing.