The LOEWE Center emergenCITY and our scientists were deeply affected by the floods in Germany in the summer of 2021. Not only were some researchers active directly on site, but also the scientific examination of the specific crisis event has taken place many times since then. For example, warning and weather data have been analyzed, archives have been searched, the scenarios considered in the research so far have been sharpened and a survey on different topics has been developed.

Therefore, researchers from emergenCITY are currently conducting a survey on the 2021 flood disaster in order to gain better insights into crisis prevention and management. The survey activities are also part of the exchange with the German Committee for Disaster Reduction (DKKV e.V.) in the larger scientific context.

The survey is open to all citizens from the affected regions and we are giving away 5 x 10 EUR vouchers among all participants*. The survey will run until 28.02.2022: To the survey