Distinguished Lecture with Professor Guevara Noubir

In collaboration with SFB MAKI, emergenCITY is organizing a Distinguished Lecture with Professor Guevara Noubir from the Northeastern University in Boston on January 19th. Noubir’s talk The Rise of Side Channel Attacks: The Case of Wireless and Mobile Systems is the first Distinguished Lecture of the new year and will be held in English.

  • Date: 19.01.2023; 16:15 - 17:30
  • Lecture: “The Rise of Side Channel Attacks: The Case of Wireless and Mobile Systems”
  • Speaker: Prof. Guevara Noubir, Notheastern University, Boston
  • Zoom Event

Guevara Noubir is a professor in the Khoury College of Computer Science at Northeastern University in Boston. He holds positions as the executive director of Cybersecurity Programs and PI of the Center of Academic Excellence in Cybersecurity there. His award-winning research includes both theoretical and practical aspects of privacy, security, and resilience of networked systems. Currently, he is leading, among others, the research project ROSETA-5G Robust and Secure Tactical 5G Slice+ to analyze security vulnerabilities in the latest 5G systems and to develop secure solutions against complex attacks on the resilience, security and privacy of these systems.

In his talk, Noubir focuses on the specific case of sophisticated side channel attacks on wireless and mobile systems. After all, for many organizations, governments and even civil society, more extensive hardware and software defense mechanisms in the privacy of their systems have become an important standard during the recent years. This is how the case of comparatively complex side channel attacks is receiving more attention. Noubir will use specific examples of recent attacks to outline what are the unique features and root-causes of side channel attacks on mobile and wireless systems, and he will present defense approaches – as well as their limitations in terms of effectiveness and realism.