Since April, Professor Vahid Jamali has been the new PI at emergenCITY for the first professorship funded by emergenCITY itself. The renowned scientist completed his PhD at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) and held appointments as a visiting researcher at Stanford University and a post-doctoral researcher at FAU and Princeton University. Here he pursued research interests at the intersection of communication theory, information theory, and signal processing, and in particular their application to advanced emerging communication systems. Such technologies work, for example, with reconfigurable radio environments, artificial intelligence, or molecular communication capabilities.

Now, Professor Jamali contributes this expertise to the emergenCITY Communications program area, for which he is working based at the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at TU Darmstadt: “My first research topics at emergenCITY include the development of communication system architectures that are failure-resilient by design and the re-evaluation and optimization of emerging communication technologies (e.g., intelligent programmable surfaces, drone-assisted networks, etc.) for establishing temporary communication networks during crisis events.”, says Jamali.

The emergenCITY professor has already started his work and particularly appreciates the interdisciplinary research approach emergenCITY takes: “While my research expertise is on the physical layer of communication systems, I believe that competences from various disciplines are needed for the development of resilient communication systems. Therefore, I am very much excited to learn about the research work of other colleagues at emergenCITY and future joint collaborations.”

We warmly welcome Professor Jamali to the team.