The Mensch und Computer (MuC) 2022 conference was held at Darmstadt University of Technology from September 4 to 7, and received a great response among attendees from academia and industry. “We are grateful that in the year of the 50th anniversary of the Department of Computer Science at TU Darmstadt we were able to welcome almost 600 participants from science and industry live, in color, physically, i.e. real in Darmstadt – in line with our conference motto: facing realities,” said Professor Christian Reuter, who co-organized the conference. Launched in 2001, Mensch und Computer is the largest human-computer interaction conference series in Europe. During the four days, there were numerous lectures, keynotes, workshops, poster sessions, demo presentations and social events to delve into the most current topics in the field. The conference was hosted by the Technical University of Darmstadt and in particular the Department of Computer Science with the departments of Telecooperation led by emergenCITY-Prof. Max Mühlhäuser and PEASEC led by emergenCITY-Prof. Christian Reuter.