With the completion of their doctorate, many female scientists around the age of 30 have reached the point where they consciously decide against a further scientific career at a university and hence leave the academic world. For many women - but also their partners and families - this is the point when they experience the strongest that their scientific career is not or only very difficult to coordinate with “family”.

The reasons for this difficulty seem obvious at first: scientific work always includes intensive work phases and, in experimental fields, a lot of presence attendance times due to laboratory work. Measurement hours outside the usual working hours, conference travel, fixed-term employment contracts and changes of professional location, possibly with stays abroad, are also part of the problems inherent in the job but possibly conflicting with a family life.

In addition and as an extra load, in Germany the largest share of so-called care work related to the household and support of family members continues to be performed by women. In spite of increased programs for the advancement of women, the proportion of women at higher career levels is generally low, and at universities in particular, there continue to be only a few female professors.

But solutions are not impossible. Scandinavian countries are role models for better parenting and part-time systems. Also, men who actively support the career of their partners by deciding to put their own career on hold or consciously opt for a jointly designed dual career can serve as role models and give courage to others. For this purpose, emergenCITY in cooperation with Flow For Life, TU Darmstadt, the proLOEWE network and research funding program LOEWE organizes the panel discussion “Science & Family: Men need to act!” on March 24 in the Wilhelm-Köhler-Saal of Tu Darmstadt. Moderated by journalist Jochen Beyer, the discussion will bring together Dr. Franz Baumdicker, Dr. Sebastian Braun and Dr. Florian Kaffarnik, three fathers who have opted for different models of reconciling career and family. In addition, Dr. Kim Bräuer will report on her scientific work on fathers on parental leave. Additionally, here will be room for personal exchange at a subsequent reception.

Informal registration as a private individual or with details of the employer for the event is desired via flowforlife@emergencity.de. The program and further details on the panellists are available for overview in a flyer for download here.

Panel Discussion: “Academia & Family – Men need to act!”
Friday 24.03.2023, 11:30-12:45 pm
Wilhelm-Köhler Hall of the TU Darmstadt
Building S1/03 Room 283