emergenCITY is involved with the Knowledge Base in the exhibition “Wissensspeicher - 100 Ideen für die Welt von morgen” of the University of Kassel. The exhibition is installed in the Königsgalerie in Kassel from 20 July to 20 August as part of the documenta summer and is accompanied by numerous events.

  • Wissensspeicher - 100 Ideas for Tomorrow’s World
  • July 20 to August 20, 2022
  • Königsgalerie Kassel, entrance Florentiner Platz, Neue Fahrt 12.

The idea of the “Wissensspeicher” is to collect and share inspirations from research that show what research can contribute to the big questions of our time. emergenCITY will exhibit an animated video about the Knowledge Base in the “Wissensspeicher” that explains our project in a nutshell. Some of our scientists will also participate in the event “Collect & Connect” on July 28th from 18:00 and answer all questions about our research.

Some of our scientists will also be on hand to answer questions about our research at the “Collect & Connect” event on July 28 starting at 18:00.

The Knowledge Base is a platform that collects and provides information from the diverse data of a digital city. It not only facilitates the exchange of information, but also makes it interpretable. The data is obtained, for example, from the water, energy, and communications networks, through sensors in intelligent light poles, or through robots and drones that can be used especially in crises. The knowledge base is the “brain” of a digital city. The data processed by the Knowledge Base allows conclusions to be drawn about the state of the city and makes decision-making processes reproducible and traceable. It becomes possible to learn from past data as well as to identify and manage crises at an early stage.

We’d love for you to check out the exhibition or even stop by at “Collect & Connect”. Admission to the exhibition and events is free of charge.