Is technology the answer to all our questions or the cause of new problems? The 3rd Citizens’ Dialogue in Kassel on Tuesday, March 15, will focus on the topic of “The Future of Technology”. Together with other experts, emergenCITY scientist Jan-Philipp Stroscher will enter the discussion and answer questions from citizens.

  • Tuesday, March 15, 6:00 p.m.
  • DIALOG 3 – Future of Technology
  • Kassel State Theater, Opera Foyer
  • To registration

From material sciences and machines to artificial intelligence – our lives are shaped by rapidly developing technologies. Whether ultra-light and water-repellent sportswear, mobile working during the Corona pandemic or wind power – many successful approaches to solving problems are based on new technologies. But along with these solutions come new problems, such as microplastics in the oceans, stress symptoms from communications overload, landscape-altering buildings that divide communities, or, as currently visible, economic dependencies through internationally interconnected, high-tech supply chains and energy networks.

So what can technology actually do? How can it support people, and when do technologies confront us with social or even geopolitical problems? This interactive format addresses these and other questions in conversation with scientists, artists and citizens.