Summer boredom has no chance during these summer holidays: On 2 August, the ProLOEWE science rally starts - with lots of riddles, puzzles and experiments. Among 20 other LOEWE research projects, emergenCITY has set an experimental task which will be the kick-off of the rally next Monday.

All children and teens aged ten and older are invited to enter in the world of fundamental research for three weeks. All in all 21 exciting experiments, surprising puzzles and tricky tasks from different fields of research explained briefly in a video get published day by day on And all curious young researchers are invited to participate - and win.

There are great prizes up for grabs: simply send the results of the respective task to the addresses given by 2 September and win experiment kits, books, games tickets and much more. And for those who manage to solve all the puzzles, there are even more great main prizes: a guided tour for the whole family at the Senckenberg Natural History Museum, a Rasperry PI programming and experimenting computer, and an entrance voucher for a whole school class at the Chemikum Marburg.

Further Information and a great trailer are already available here and you can find all detailed conditions of participation here. And from Monday, you can start puzzling away.