Program Areas

City and Society

We investigate the chances and needs of a digital society regarding resilient information and communications technology


We focus on data analysis, data visualization and data utilization to optimize crisis detection and recovery


We work on maintaining and supporting communication between citizens even if central communication systems fail

Cyber-Physical Systems

We explore the potential of autonomous systems to support humans with emergency response and recovery

Current Missions


We seek to mitigate the impact of crises utilizing resilient infrastructure and smart appliances

Knowledge Base

We aim to combine and share data about the city to speed up and improve emergency reactions

Smart Digital Situation Control Center

We investigate data gathering and usage targeted to inform helpers during emergencies

Aerial Crisis Networks

We work on upholding communication networks during crises using unmanned vehicles

Digital Heinerblock

We investigate Darmstadt's first superblock experiment from a scientific perspective

Completed Missions


We focus on empowering citizens to organize and help each other in any situation

Research Highlights

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© Istock
© Istock

Cooperation during a Crisis and Resilience in Digitalized Agriculture

Year by year, emergenCITY is publishing its most remarkable research results as policy papers. These...

Jun 27, 2024

© Gerd Keim
© Gerd Keim

Staying Operational in a Crisis

With the world under constant stress from crises, wars and climate change, it is important...

Mar 26, 2024

WWTF Grant for emergenCITY Alumni Andrea Ortiz

Dr. Andrea Ortiz worked for several years at the Communications Engineering Lab with the deputy...

Mar 15, 2024